Real Talk

 photo IMG_1621_zpsf380a52a.jpg
Snippet of conversation between the boy and I…

How was the callback, dad?
Good, thank you for asking.
That’s good. You did a great job.
I think I did. I did well with the adjustments. Do you know what adjustments are?
Well, let’s say your job is to ask for more water in a restaurant. Then you do it, and the director may say ‘That was good, but try to be a little more fearful next time.’ So you do it again and try to incorporate being more fearful.
Do you understand?
Did L****** call you today?
She left a message, I think.
Oh, good. She’s at the library today. All day.
Maybe you’ll go to Yale, when you’re older and you’ll be at the library all day, too.
I’m going to NY.
New York University?
It’s NYU.
Uh-huh. NYU.
That’s a good school.
I’m going to go there for college.
What are you going to study?
I’m going to ask the teacher how to scare people.
I’ll read books on how to make people scared.

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