Hostel Tom

 photo IMG_1540_zps8af43e34.jpg
I never had Popeye’s before.
How have you never had Popeye’s?
We don’t have it.
I thought your people were civilized.
Definitely not. Is it that good?
Yeah, it’s that good. See this bulletproof glass?
Everyone wants the secrets—
I’ve heard this is a bad area.
They want the chickens—
They want the recipe.
Hi, miss.
Hello, welcome to Popeye’s Chicken, my name’s Rachelle, can I have your order please?
Can you believe this guy’s never had Popeye’s.
Oh, yeah? Is that your son?
Is that my son?
Yeah, y’all look alike.
He’s nineteen years old.
Have the same smile.
Yeah, dad. I’m so happy you’re still alive to be able to take me to Popeye’s Chicken.
That’s not funny, Tom.
We’ll have the eight piece meal and my dad will pay.
This is a first.

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