Boeing Boeing or, What is it about Mark Rylance?

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Yesterday, I watched the 2008 production of Boeing Boeing by Marc Camoletti [directed by Matthew Warchus] at the New York Performing Arts Library in Lincoln Center. Some thoughts…

You need to learn how to be without people watching.

I have been studying why Mr. Rylance commands attention* — he doesn’t seem to obey the typical actor notions of super objective or through line — doesn’t explain anything. Doesn’t make it clear what he’s up to. He is thinking, that’s for sure.

He is never a jerk. In Boeing he plays a bumbling incompetent who becomes even more competent than the charismatic hero. “How can you manage to stay so calm?” He was frustrated by the maid yet he was careful with her. He was bothered by the Continue reading Boeing Boeing or, What is it about Mark Rylance?

Twelfth Night

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Good madonna, why mournest thou?


Good fool, for my brother’s death.


I think his soul is in hell, madonna.


I know his soul is in heaven, fool.


The more fool, madonna, to mourn for your brother’s
soul being in heaven. Take away the fool, gentlemen.


I’ve seen Mark Rylance in La Bete, Jerusalem, and I usually think of him as the greatest Shakespearean actor I have ever seen on stage. Now having seen him in my first Shakespeare play of his — I am convinced he is the greatest actor I’ve ever seen on stage.

The cast had many standouts. All standouts. Aguecheek, Feste, Maria — just to name a few, but every single man on stage Continue reading Twelfth Night


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I liked it, but it no longer fits in the play I’m writing.

Can you excuse us for a second?
I would like to have a word with Lisa.
You’re joking. You have to be joking. I’m your girlfriend, and you’re telling me to leave.
You don’t have to leave the house.
Thank you, Lisa. But I think I would prefer to just have a conversation with my boyfriend.
There’s no need to adopt a tone. Continue reading Kill


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What happens when the person you love the most loves you as much as they can and it’s still not enough. I’ve learned that being friends with someone is much more difficult than being in a relationship with someone. I feel shitty. Really terrible, and I don’t think I can get out of it. I know that I can’t control how I feel but only what I do about it—and yet when I’m not feeling good all I want to do is feel bad about things.

I’m not good at keeping my emotions in check and I am very reactive. There is a level of dissatisfaction that can only come from not getting what you want, and you will never know Continue reading Villain

Real Talk

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Snippet of conversation between the boy and I…

How was the callback, dad?
Good, thank you for asking.
That’s good. You did a great job.
I think I did. I did well with the adjustments. Do you know what adjustments are?
Well, let’s say your job is to ask for more water in a restaurant. Then you do it, and the director may say ‘That was good, but try to be a little more fearful next time.’ So you do Continue reading Real Talk

Hostel Tom

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I never had Popeye’s before.
How have you never had Popeye’s?
We don’t have it.
I thought your people were civilized.
Definitely not. Is it that good?
Yeah, it’s that good. See this bulletproof glass?
Everyone wants the secrets—
I’ve heard this is a bad area.
They want the chickens—
They want the recipe.
Hi, miss.
Hello, welcome to Popeye’s Chicken, my name’s Rachelle, Continue reading Hostel Tom

Go Stalk to Her

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(A twenty five year old sketch comedy writer coming up with a bit that was too long for sketch comedy.)
Early morning. Lights up. A man in his home, finishing paper some paper-work. A doorbell rings. Alex sees who it is.

Alex: Oh shit.

Opening the door.

Sara: Alex!!
Alex: Hey!
Sara: Oh, baby.
Alex: What are you doing here?
Sara: Oh baby.
Alex: I can’t believe you’re here.
Sara: (embracing him) I’m here. I’m home.

Sara goes to make-out with him.

Alex: Sara. Sara.
Sara: (still holding him) Yes.
Alex: How did you…?
Sara: My parents are outside. They drove me Continue reading Go Stalk to Her

We Surrounded

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We surrounded you.

We surrounded you and we were seventeen adults and we were all dressed in black. You knew me—that’s it. That’s all it took for you to sit in that studio and watch grown men and women move in the space.

The instructor put duct tape on the floor in 5X6 square. Actors went into the middle. The assignment: make the space bigger.

Where was your fear Continue reading We Surrounded