Actual Craigslist Post

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East London Accent/Tennis Player

Kind of a weird post. Trying to kill two birds with one stone.

Looking for man or woman to play tennis with–nothing romantic–strictly tennis. I live in Queens, but work in Manhanttan so willing to play on the hundred and fifty odd public courts. I have balls and tennis racket, you will bring your own racket. Not a great player but, can serve, and get the ball over the net–would like to volley more than play games, but I think we should definitely play a game at the end of each meeting–for fun.

Also (and if you’re not this person, but know someone who is), I am an actor that needs to learn an East London dialect for a play I’ve been cast in. I am using tapes at home, but it would be great to meet someone in person. Very informal, we’ll meet at a coffee shop, I’ll spring for coffee, and you allow me to record your voice.

If you’re an East Londoner who plays tennis I have lucked out!

Thanks so much.

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