Advice to the Players

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Come to the program with questions. not answers.

When you are given a note say “thank you.”

You should be reading your scripts all the time.

You should be going over your notes everyday.

This is too much to do and you will fail. You will fail because they are putting three years of lessons and who knows how many years of experience into one year.

You will not be as prepared as you like, but you must see that as a good thing.

Read your Shakespeare plays carefully. Don’t just read to get it done. Read it slow. Think about why he used that word; that particular word—he was a genius and could have used any, but he chose that one.

Get your acting to a place where the only thing you could say is the words you are given.

Do voice work five times a week. If you do it more that’s fine. Do not do it less.

Memorize a new piece every two weeks. Practice often.

Go big. Don’t try and get it right. Put everything you are into the scene, into your partner, into the language. I want to see why this soliloquy or scene or play should be done right now—and by you. Who are you. What do you bring?

Don’t be afraid. Be a monster. But love everybody.

Make things work. Swallow your pride. Even on stupid things like who drank whose diet coke. (I love diet coke.)

What you know isn’t going to go away; you will use it. Come here open and available. Learn something new. Don’t rely on your old crap.

Socialize enough so you don’t seem awkward, but you are there to learn, to be immersed. Never forget the sacrifices you are making to come to this school. Never forget the sacrifices your classmates are making to come to this school. Respect each other.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have feelings of wanting to exit the room the moment some of them speak, or wince, or laugh. People are one thing, but classmates are another. Learn the difference, and take care of your classmates.

Treat your partners like they are a genius, and who knows? maybe they’ll do the same to you.

Be a good person. If you have to ask what that means then you’re probably an asshole.

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