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The day was a hot mess.

Angelo had squandered his fortune on high risk dividends and wild stock options and all because of the advice from some pigmy.

Sitting in the sun under a hot northern California beach the pigmy slunk by dragging his right leg.

You must hear my tale.

Angelo mistook him for a child and asked if he was lost. The pigmy stared Angelo dead in the face and spoke of gain, and profit. Margins exploding by months — not years — and a stock market filled with bounce like a pogo stick.

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The Slide Scenario

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A father and his six year old son.

Whatddya say kiddo? Want to go to the waterpark?
Oh, yeah!
Sounds like fun?
Uh-huh! I’m gonna go on the fast slide.
That’s what they’re saying; they may not let you.
I would let you; they won’t cause you’re not tall enough. They have this line and they say “You have to be this tall to ride.”
What if I’m grown up?
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