I opened my eyes

 photo IMG_1537_zps3685f4b8.jpg

I opened my eyes during yoga today and
it was during a time when the instructor
told us to keep them closed.

It was hot in the room and we had
just started class and the instructor
was a bit of a preacher.

She spoke of failure and success;
strength and weakness; digression and advancement;
loss and gain; claiming that all were
the different sides of the same stick, but
love and fear were not. They had their own sticks.

Maybe I disagreed, or maybe it was hot
or, maybe I became fearful but I opened
my eyes which immediately fell on a picture of
seven women sitting cross-legged with their
hands in prayer.

If you cut a second in half and then cut that
second you’d have the amount of time it took
for me to feel more alone than I did before.

There is nothing worse than watching people
grow in strength and you could join them
if only you could close your eyes.

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