Where do you go when no one is watching?

 photo IMG_1500_zps46a4966b.jpg
You’re going the wrong way.

That, or you’re avoiding me.

If you look closely you can see where the horses are and if you can see the horses then I can see you.

Ha. You’re wearing that? On a day like this? For a time such as now?

Take me seriously; do! You know how much work I put into this? How many people would kill to have this opportunity? I rented that horse! That; those; all of them!

I’m coming down to meet you. Or, do you want to meet me?

Okay, full disclosure. I’m not alone. I’m with someone right now, and they are sitting to my left. Still don’t see me? Whew. Allow me to continue. She is not what you think. She is family. She is like a family. I can already read your mind: “She’s like a family? All in one?” Maybe. I would ask, but I don’t have the courage. Because if I ask, she’ll want to know why I asked, and then I’ll be forced to think about the past, and the slips, and the times I hid from things that were bigger than me, and the times that I had a family of my own, but it was lost, and then I might remember that it was my fault.

What I’m trying to say is I can’t look her in the face and answer that, because I am afraid. And if I get too scared, I, like you, might end up going the wrong way.

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