I opened my eyes

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I opened my eyes during yoga today and
it was during a time when the instructor
told us to keep them closed.

It was hot in the room and we had
just started class and the instructor
was a bit of a preacher.

She spoke of failure and success;
strength and weakness; digression and advancement;
loss and gain; claiming that all were
the different sides of the same stick, but Continue reading I opened my eyes

It Could be Worse

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In the long day of the fading afternoon I asked you a question. You were sitting next to me and I had made a comment about whether you believed in quantum physics where different things can happen at different times. You told me to keep it short as you had someplace to be. I wasn’t expecting you to leave and that made me nervous. Sorry I spilt that Continue reading It Could be Worse

Where do you go when no one is watching?

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You’re going the wrong way.

That, or you’re avoiding me.

If you look closely you can see where the horses are and if you can see the horses then I can see you.

Ha. You’re wearing that? On a day like this? For a time such as now?

Take me seriously; do! You know how much work I put into this? How many people would kill to have this opportunity? I rented that horse! That; those; all of them!

I’m coming down to meet you. Or, do you want to meet me?

Okay, full disclosure. I’m not alone. I’m Continue reading Where do you go when no one is watching?