Cherry Blossoms

 photo IMG_1278.jpg
With my respect. I humbly put myself out on the line in praise of you. Inspiring. That’s what you are to many. You are a wonderful person and one can tell that from three seconds into meaning you if that long. I have so much respect for you, I’m using the word twice and we’re on sentence four. I wrote on your card today that I love you. I meant it. You are not of this world. If you are, then you represent the best of it. I admire you. You are a rock, but open. You are an open rock, you so much to give, and are selfless. You are the most selfless, and gifted person I know, and that is just an amazing combination. I won’t send this to you, so I don’t know that you’ll ever read it. But this is all to say, I’m sorry you lost your mom, and I can’t believe you still came in to teach class. It is my goal to stand atop your good graces.

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