Coffee story: truncated

I love coffee. This last Christmas I received a gourmet bag of whole bean coffee. My grinder broke, and I go into Whole Foods. It’s early, The grinder is to the right of the take out coffee place. I’ll go in, grind my coffee, and leave. The machine breaks, and I’m torn because a third of the coffee has already been grinded, and I’ve got it in the bag, but there’s that quarter left, and I want it. So I start pushing all the buttons, turning the knobs on the machine. Not working. Fuck it, I open up the lid and start taking my beans back, and an employee walks by “Yo, what you doing?” and I said “No, they’re mine. And he said “you grinding your own beans, what are you homeless?” As though because I don’t have a grinder I don’t have a home? But everyone was looking at me, and it was very embarrassing, so I just said “Yes. I’m homeless.”

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