The coffee situation

I love coffee. Coffee mugs, cute spoons for measuring out coffee grinds, coffee machines—everything. This last Christmas I had asked for gourmet blends, and I received two bags of whole bean coffee. My coffee grinder broke, and I go into Whole Foods. It’s early, there’s already eight or ten people in line to purchase coffee/pastries. The grinder is to the right. I figure I would go and grind my coffee quietly, and leave. The machine breaks in the middle of the grinding process, and I’m torn because a third of the coffee has already been grinded, and I’ve got it in the bag and I’m happy; But there’s that quarter left, and I want it. So I stay, and the machine is on, you can hear it, but my beans aren’t going down. So I turn the machine off and start taking my beans back and an employee walks by “That’s against the law.” And I say “Oh.” As if I was surprised that it was against the law. She said “Just go take more coffee if you need”—referring to the Whole Foods coffee bean dispenser behind me, and I guess I hesitated.
“Those are your beans.”
I look at her, and nod my head no.
She gets this disgusted look on her face, puts this wooden rod into the grinder and pulls up this cute, sterling silver, measuring spoon, that I love so much; and holds it in front of me.
“Is this yours.”
And I look at her, and nod my head no. And take it back.

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