The Girl Who Ate Green Beans


The girl who ate green beans
As you can see
Is having a minor catastrophe.
Her major complaint is the sun in the sky is too far.
Too far?
Too far, she screams: irate and immobile.
Her fury an anchor—no smile to detect.
In fact, she thought, as she scarfed
down an apple, which brought up a minor cacophony.
Which took her through an alley
of spatula and pans
Bolstered by rage.
Some say she was raised by the Grey Howling—but that’s another story…
The earth! She declared, with effusive prose;
The earth may go burst while I sleep.
While you sleep?
While I sleep, she screamed,
Like a sergeant new-made
Or, a dog in a daze
Or, a mouse that’s forayed in a whole head of cheese.
And in the middle of the story
With a hand on her knee
She picked up a carrot
And snapped it in two
Put the other half away.
Perhaps (but not sure), for another rainy day.
It’s tough. She said, or, she thought.
In my head. She said, or, she thought.
And in here.
She pointed to a place where I cannot say where,
cause if I did, I’d be sure to be found in a ditch,
with another angry letter from another wild scream,
that went something to the latter of…

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