Again (you)

In a series of attempts to record all strains of behavior…

I accidentally shot you in the eye with one of your nerf guns and after hugging, kissing, and crying, I asked if you needed to go to the hospital, and you said yes. I asked if you saw blurry and you said yes. I showed fingers and asked you to say what you saw, and you said the wrong number. I said we were going to have to go to the hospital, and you asked for how long. I said maybe the whole day, and you said what about bowling. I showed you the fingers again and you got all the numbers right.

You enjoy playing the board game Trouble. It’s a game that I’m a little concerned about. You enjoy the squishing part way too much. Some notable sayings…”Welcome to squish-ville: population…one. “Squish-time!” “Please let me squish you!” When you go around the board you put your piece into every hole as you count, instead of just tapping your piece along the holes you’re skipping. You always go when it’s not your turn: I can’t stress that enough… there could be three other people playing and you have your turn, someone else goes, and you go again. You have crazy impressive streaks of 6’s.

YOu were amazed with your room in the Hamptons. YOu showed your room to your mom and Brian while you Skyped with them. I don’t think you enjoy sharing your room, and that makes sense cause you’re too old to be sharing a room.

We went out to Joe’s Shanghai in Flushing, Queens. On the subway I spoke out loud This is Rafael, he’s my son. That’s my son, Rafael. YOu became embarrassed, but you liked it, too. Then, when I reminded you of that at a couple days later, you said “this is my dad, he doesn’t live in the same house as me” in the same loud and fun way I did it to you. I embarrassed you, and that’s what you think the game is so you said that and embarrassed me. It was not very nice, though I thought it very funny. Also, you added later, “My dad has no money!”

In the concert we saw at Grove in the village, they dedicated a song to you, and you waved your hand to the crowd. You had two shirley temples. They cost an abominable four dollars each. Grrr.

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