The Tape

When I was younger I had a skewed idea; if you wanted to really hurt someone, you went after their heart. I was a sweet kid. I used to sing into my radio. It had a record button. I dated this girl Samantha F******. She asked me one day if she could hear me sing. It was probably the first time I shared something that personal with anyone. I gave her the tape. We happened to break up. I forgot about the tape. She did not. I must have done something to upset her, cause I come in to Continue reading The Tape


A cafe. A couple sits at a table.
W: But that’s just it—how can we break away from what’s established if we don’t undermine the powers that teach?
M: But to what end?
W: We’re looking for a beginning not an end.
M: We can’t bite the hand that feeds. It isn’t right.
W: I’m curious as to what you think. I’m curious to hear how you’re mind works.
M: We must bolster the one’s in power.
W: I hear what you’re saying.
M: Engage them in conversation.
W: Which is what we Continue reading Three

The Girl Who Ate Green Beans


The girl who ate green beans
As you can see
Is having a minor catastrophe.
Her major complaint is the sun in the sky is too far.
Too far?
Too far, she screams: irate and immobile.
Her fury an anchor—no smile to detect.
In fact, she thought, as she scarfed
down an apple, which brought up a minor cacophony.
Which took her through an alley Continue reading The Girl Who Ate Green Beans

She’s Still Alive

My mother used to embarrass my brother and I when we were kids—just by being loud, or provocative, or just being herself. When she passed away, my brother was really broken up about it—we were sitting on the couch, in our house in Florida. We were on the back patio, which was really beautiful—enclosed with french doors—that looked out onto the ficus tree and lake: (which had alligators, Continue reading She’s Still Alive


My Citrus tea tastes statistically like Earl Grey. Though this doesn’t mean I won’t drink it; it does mean I can’t with clear conscience offer it at a cocktail party. I could, however, offer it to a friend who may (or may not), have recently smoked pot, and during the ‘come down’ phase. I think that would be acceptable—statistically.