The Black Grandma


New York City. 2:15pm. Downtown 4 train.
Now I know some of you might have heard about me. I am the black grandma. “Oh, I heard a the black grandma. Yeah, I heard she making a mess, and she running around trains; and she handing out literature.”
You can avoid me now. Or, you can avoid me later. But you cannot avoid my cookies.
There is an evil running this government—did you try and trip me—there is an evil running through this country, and no one will silence me; not God, not the president. Praise Lord Jesus Christ.
This country is being run by neo-nazis and you’ll all hear about it soon. Watch my cookies. “Ohh, she look like a librarian. Ohh, she wearing a long skirt.” I have printed literature, no one can silence me, no one can stop me from handing these out these papers—put your foot! under your knees! Can’t you see I’m walking?
You can all pretend not to see me. But you can’t stop me. I know you heard about the black grandma. Watch my cookies. I know you heard.

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