By Stopping: for Raf-(re-written)


After all the clocks have chimed their bell,
When all the forks go down.
It seemed like such a quiet place,
When you first came to town.

Computer-like you learned to walk,
Heav’n did I run!
And chase you round and over the bed,
While watched the setting sun.

Rise you did, and mouth the words;
The which, you chose, were sharp.
And talked to those who once were strange:
Your needs, well met, were carved.

Break it must, and break it fell;
Through winter storms I raged.
From blackest night to written day,
I placed the stamp and prayed it stay;
My mind found you—that winters grey,
The man, the same, though aged.

Now I grow old, and worlds you’ll see,
Whereto I dare not owe;
You’ll travel far, and leave no scar
On an earth I’ll seldom know.

This is for you, so sound your sound;
Be louder everyday!
Take one quick breath, and let it out;
Walk that water! Make it part!
Stand tall for those who can’t stand up;
Steer that beast till its heart gives out.

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