The One That Got Away


I wonder if it happens to you, M. 

I wonder what would have happened if you’d have taken that train with me to Montauk.

We were better off getting drunk outside Tompkins square park in the good loving sun of July. Those boots you put on were the Pallisadoes. They should have been your birthright. Boots for feet. Whose were they? You were in flip flops and a short black skirt when I picked you up, and three gin and tonics later you were circling the column in those long brown that covered your sweet best.

You slapped Continue reading The One That Got Away

The Black Grandma


New York City. 2:15pm. Downtown 4 train.
Now I know some of you might have heard about me. I am the black grandma. “Oh, I heard a the black grandma. Yeah, I heard she making a mess, and she running around trains; and she handing out literature.”
You can avoid me now. Or, you can avoid me later. But you cannot avoid my cookies.
There is an evil running this government—did you try and trip me—there is an evil running through this country, and no Continue reading The Black Grandma

“If you don’t know what you’re doing…”


First, we start with a declaration. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can’t get what you want.

So, what am I doing?

What are you doing? Are you running, or walking? Or, biking? Are you biking for leisure, or sport? Do you bike lazily. Do you Continue reading “If you don’t know what you’re doing…”

Seriously—I used to rap


Classic hits, with a
New age twist.
Tequila shot you,
But you straight up missed.

I can take the test
And give me ten points
Cause my name’s correct.


Talking real softly
drinking black coffee
light my cigarette
I’m a treat you like toffee.


Hotel rooms with
the ocean views.
Walkin closet
Filled with only shoes.
Carat gold,
With the diamond bling
And some fries with that?
I work at Burger King.
Now I’m sitting with the Whopper chopping onions and all,
not having a ball
my girl ain’t calling at all
she’s off at the mall
with some other brother named Paul
Who go get his ass kicked
Cause he’s no brother at all.