Don’t you dare forget what got you here


Bending space with your finger is easy
When it comes from your shoulder. The first
Time you do it, amazement will devour
Most everything you thought you knew.
The second time is no less impressive,
But you begin to forget the importance
Of all the little things that got you here.
The crawling, the begging, the doors closing
Your fingers. The times when you couldn’t bend light.
Chances are you won’t make the big decisions;
Filling up your time with giving
Space to the minute, and microsecond
Challenges of the day. After a week, chances
Are you’ll be on a bicycle making a left turn:
Having gone through amazement, to shock, to fad,
To arrogance, to evil, to developing a unique and vicious
Cult—destined to jagged rocks, and disobeying
The order of nature, and no longer holding up
The mirror to what is true—you will be bored,
You will put out your hand and extend your finger,
And you will be hit by a car.

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