Friend? Hi. I came over to your house early yesterday, I think it was your birthday party, but I didn’t bring a gift. Sorry. My mother is at home a lot lately, so I guess that means she’s in between jobs. Which is great cause she’s home a lot, but she didn’t get a chance to take me to the mall to buy you something. By the way, I never got a party bag. You had corned me with Scott and David, (those guys are so cool), and told me you ran out. Thanks, for showing me all the neat stuff inside, and then let me play with it, before taking it back. Thank you. I never get to play with that kinda stuff at home. My mother has matches, and I know how to light one—but I’m not supposed to show other kids that I know how to do that, or else I could get into trouble. I’ve been meaning to tell you, but didn’t have the nerve when we were at school. My mother gave me the bicycle that I let you borrow. It was black with a silver trim running down the side. Thanks for showing me how to ride it better, but you took off and I thought you were coming back, and when I walked home from school today, my mother asked where the bicycle was, and I said I let a friend borrow it. You’re my friend, Thomas. I know you are. My dad called me stupid again, and said I wouldn’t ever have anyone like me, but my mom. But, I know he’s kidding. He says that cause he’s funny. That’s why he pours water on me in the morning, and pokes me in the stomach when I’m trying to go to sleep. He loves me. Like you guys. So, if you could bring it tomorrow that’d be great. My mother can’t take me to school cause she says there’s no gas in the car, and my father is real angry tonight, and clumsy. He’s so funny. He just fell onto the floor—I think he’s being like a clown. I miss my bicycle, and my mom said she only has hair pins in her wallet so, I don’t know why she keeps hair pins in her wallet. She’s funny, too. Sorry, I didn’t bring a gift to your party. Maybe I can come again sometime and make you a drawing that you could put up in your room? I’ll make it of my bicycle, and you could give me back my bicycle and keep the drawing instead?

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