I Heard


They said you were dead and I believed
It. I happen to think you lived
To full, too fast; always racing
Into the door first and firing
With quick hands, and economical
Movements. You varied yourself. You were
Not the same all the time; which is to say
You kept it real. For the last time I was myself
Was a long time ago. I was in a building
And something had gone wrong: steam spewed
From the wiring, and faulty electrical
Equipment came down like spiders. It was dark;
And I forgot myself. I forgot to “please”
Forgot to “thanks” forgot to “bow” and be impressed.
It was my fault, and in all fairness you tried
To save me; well, a part of me. And you did,
In a way; though now I sit in an empty cell
Without so much as a belt, because they think
I’ll do myself in, without so much as a bed
And when the lights go off I see you;
And I say you are dead, but I don’t believe
it. And I don’t sleep.

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