Some people worry about the sky falling.
They worry about the star in the Nostrul galaxy;
Almost two billion miles away
From anything you’ve ever known.
No chance in running into anyone there.
To visit, you’d have to really gear up: trail mix, fruit bars, and yogurt.
You might not want to pack any meat cause you don’t want to upset anyone.
Smoking is fine, but keep it for after meals and after intercourse.
Chances are there will be intercourse.
It’s important to remember not to embarrass
Your partner.
Words spread quickly across galaxies.
They’ll be someone waiting
For you when you get there,
And it will feel like that dream
Where there’s a door,
And it’s open, and time
Is waiting for you to go through it.
Unless, he’s late. If he is late, just know that he had about two billion other things to do, so don’t take it personally. He will come for you.
And you may be looking at a star at that time; a twinkling of a bright piece of sun that scowls your insides and plumes up your outer eyebrows, and jaw.
And if all that is true, he might be there sooner than you think.
There’d be no sense to worry
About it, if the sky were falling.

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