Zombies in Heaven: a scary-tale

The haunted fires of hell were burning bright.  Angels, hundreds and hundreds of angels lay dead on the ground. Blood dripping red from their ears. From their mouths. All their teeth were missing as the zombies made their way to the White Castle of Prince Belvedere. 

The worst thing in the world had happened: Someone let a zombie into heaven. 

How the zombies had tricked the angels? One can only imagine. Some said, when approaching the gates of heaven, the angels (as they always do) asked, “You’re not a zombie, are you?” Now, if you lie, a trap door Continue reading Zombies in Heaven: a scary-tale

A Son’s Lament (Let be, or not let be)

Let be. I have come so far, skimming stone,
Do you know how hard it is? Do you know what it takes to Quickly make the mind follow. Forcing the pschye into submission. Get the troops out of Norway and into Denmark; and, oh yeah, I see dead people.
I had the best minds of my generation waste their time
At University. Looked at me with nervous pecking glances
Staring through the side of their head.
Eyes furtive, Continue reading A Son’s Lament (Let be, or not let be)

A Mother’s Complaint


Think not me false; for you’re fat, and scant of breath.

Words of love and affection I spring toward

My son; and think yea, I love not thy father?

Now to my poison, no more of me (I barely have lines)

The end. Farewell, I’ll finish quick and leave

The men to theirs (you all have the monologues—you the most).

I, who brought you up to know the difference

From sucking, and being the sucker. (You did not have to kill Continue reading A Mother’s Complaint



Friend? Hi. I came over to your house early yesterday, I think it was your birthday party, but I didn’t bring a gift. Sorry. My mother is at home a lot lately, so I guess that means she’s in between jobs. Which is great cause she’s home a lot, but she didn’t get a chance to take me to the mall to buy you something. By the way, I never got a party bag. You had corned me with Scott and David, (those guys are so cool), and told me you ran out. Thanks, for showing me all the neat stuff inside, and then let me play Continue reading Friendship

Don’t you dare forget what got you here


Bending space with your finger is easy
When it comes from your shoulder. The first
Time you do it, amazement will devour
Most everything you thought you knew.
The second time is no less impressive,
But you begin to forget the importance
Of all the little things that got you here.
The crawling, Continue reading Don’t you dare forget what got you here