Rebecca, you are not going to believe this. A guy just gave me his number at the gym. It’s 8am. But he gave it to me thirty minutes ago. That is fucked up. 7:30 am, and you’re hitting on someone? C’mon. That’s too early. I did nothing. He was next to me on the treadmill. I was walking. I was going to run, I had just got on. He was there, he was jogging, and then he got off, and came back to clean his machine, with the paper towels, and disinfectant spray, and he went away, and he came back, and he was standing right in front of my machine. He was cute, he was older, but he was in good shape. That doesn’t matter. He stops in front of my machine and starts talking to me, and I can’t hear him so I take off my headphones, and he asks if his machine was making noise. Like squeaking. So I said yes, and he apologized, and he had a nice smile, it was chill, and he said something like, he knew one of them was a little funky sounding, and I told him after I put my headphones on, I couldn’t hear a thing. And he did it. He smiles, and said I’m gonna put this here, have a good workout. He wrote it down on a like, scrap piece of paper towel, probably the same one he used to wipe down his machine.

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