“You’re a liar, a cur, and a villain.”
You’re angry, I can tell.
Visiting you here,
Away for a year,
It seems I found another;
(And) you’re angry, I can tell.

Must one I give up?
She was, you were not,
No one. You’ll always be you, my love;
And she was good being she
With my empty space;
Me? Oh, don’t bother with that.

I had all this room it turns out.
Filled it with black colored plants
And animals (greedy) came by to
Snatch fruit. Or, make juice.
That room became smaller,
But a spot was for you.

Your apartment looks great!
The toilet, the closet, 
The toaster, the printer,
That crack in the picture and the peeling off paint.
And in all that space I had filled her with you,
Then I brought her along without thinking it through.

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