The Violinist and Dexter Wobcat


Dexter Wobcat began having second thoughts about his goodbye party—when the second person of the night pulled him close and said, “I visit DC all the time. Make sure I have your address before you take-off.” This was something Dexter was hoping to avoid. He did not like ‘goodbye’s’ much preferring ‘hello’s,’ and ‘give me one second’s,’ (while not giving them one second.) Dexter wasn’t quiet, in fact, he had an open personality that would include everyone in the conversation, even the Juilliard violinist that couldn’t take her eyes off the flowers behind him. Another 2Pac song came on and Dexter leaned in.

“So you listen to this before you go on stage?”

“No. I play classical music.”

“Yeah, I know. I was joking.”


“That must have been hard—getting into Juilliard. Your father must be so proud.”

“Yeah, I guess he is.”

“You guess? Mine would be through the roof. Mine would be telling the lady at the bank.”

“He’s well-known in the field, so if I hadn’t gotten in it would have been a let down.”

“Oh, he’s well known. Do I know him?”

“I don’t know. Do you know classical violinists?”

“Vladamir Horowitz.”

“He plays the piano.”


“That’s a character from Fiddler On the Roof.”

“Umm, okay. Ryan Shultz.”

“Isn’t that the guy you work with?”

“Oh, yeah. How’d you know that?”

“My roommates dating him—she’s the one that brought me to the party.”

“Good, good. How’s that going?”

“Her relationship with Ryan?”


“Isn’t he your friend?”

“Yeah, but from your perspective.”

“Fine, I think.”

“You know, I was just thinking, I do know one classical violinist. I know you.”

“What’s my name?”





“No. Please stop.”


“Uh-uh. I’m walking away.”


Though the impression of recklessness and indelicate attention was stamped on the violinist’s memory of Dexter (and people named Dexter) forever, she couldn’t help but feel the smallest bit lighter at having hashed a personal issue concerning her father without going into too much detail. 

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