The Violinist and Dexter Wobcat


Dexter Wobcat began having second thoughts about his goodbye party—when the second person of the night pulled him close and said, “I visit DC all the time. Make sure I have your address before you take-off.” This was something Dexter was hoping to avoid. He did not like ‘goodbye’s’ much preferring ‘hello’s,’ and ‘give me one second’s,’ (while not giving them one second.) Dexter wasn’t quiet, Continue reading The Violinist and Dexter Wobcat


Speech at my Bubby’s 84th birthday party


So I’ve looked up a couple of people that were also born in 1928—which I believe is the year you were born—I believe that because you’re turning 84, and I counted backwards (it was annoying), and got to the year 1928… And you are not going to believe the company you have! Guess who was also born in 1928? 
No , seriously Bubby, guess. It’s not fun, if you’re not playing. Shirley Temple! Isn’t that amazing? Who else? Continue reading Speech at my Bubby’s 84th birthday party