My Yale Audition

The auditor lead me into a room and handed me a picture showing two smiling women standing side by side, a fern, a plane, and a Canadian flag. And from that picture I understood what Yale was asking me to do. With my monologue, I had to incorporate three facts: Someone in the office where I worked has recently died; I quit my job and became homosexual; I moved to Canada.

I began imagining how I could apply those three facts into my Iago monologue from Othello. I could start off looking to and fro, as though I didn’t know what to say, acting like I didn’t know the dead man in my office that well.

Add an extra zing, “And by the faith of man; I know my price,‘ to let them know I was considering homosexuality—though I ingeniously thought I could say the words of my monologue as though I was discovering something really important about myself (coming out).

Finally, I could switch into a Canadian accent at the end of my monologue to let them know I was planning to move (notice: not at the beginning, because then they might think I had already moved to Canada).

I was working my way through the magic of my Yale audition for an M.F.A. Continue reading My Yale Audition