I made this website private for about a month because I was in the process of applying to schools and didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention from my fiction writing.

Now, however, I am safely accepted into a school and will go about my business.

What is it like to audition for Juilliard?

Juilliard is every young actors wet dream. It is the Alpha and the Omega. It is a wasp among flies, a spark among mist, a god among men. Someone from Juilliard saying “yes” to you, is someone confirming your life: Yes, you are great. Yes, you are talented. Yes, I see you are gifted.

If you don’t get a callback at Juilliard does it mean the opposite? That you are not talented? Not gifted? Not great?

Absolutely not.

Juilliard sees thousands of students, and like most of the best Theatre schools in the nation, they are looking for a certain type. They may not know what that type is, so don’t try to fit in, or be like him/her, or try to act like the person that moves you the most. Just be you. No one can be you, as well as you can. Not getting a callback Continue reading What is it like to audition for Juilliard?