It ate her up

(A conversation between a four year old, and a thirty five year old.)

It ate her up.
It ate her up?
Cause it didn’t like her.
The cancer?
And she’s dead?
When is she coming back?
Can we see her?
Oh, no.
What did you say?
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We Live Here

I hope this will be understood as more of an outpouring than a critique of your work.
To the actor who played the painter. You were the most comfortable; in fact, the men were the most comfortable and the best written.
The Greek tragedy, finding the body of your sister, was a little much. I’m surprised no one in the rewrite room said, “Yeah, everyone is screaming at the same time. It’s unrealistic.” Not to mention, no one cared that much about the main character.You made her completely unlikable.
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