Occupy Wall Street Buttons

I would have really benefitted from a writers room. I kept writing my buttons then reading them aloud and looking around my kitchen table for repsonses.

Of course I was alone.
I was attempting to find some sort of smarmy “Thanks, 1%” kind of attitude-not sure if that transfers. Writing buttons is hard, and making buttons is expensive. They want to charge me a dollar and a half for a button. And if I purchase over fifty buttons they’ll give me a couple cents off. I plan on giving them away, so even buying them at a dollar doesn’t really work.
Then there’s the button maker. That is the ripe amount of almost $400 dollars. Really? A button maker. One website even talked it up as this incredbile money pyramid. How it turned someone from AA into a rich man. How it got one guy through his B.F.A program. Another now teaches button making at M.I.T; makes millions.

Funny world.

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