The Glass Shop

I walk into this coffee shop and beneath this small framed picture of something to do with bicycle racing lies a picture of my four year old sons drawing of a monkey bar playground.
I walk in, order coffee, point and say “my son drew that picture.”
“Oh, wow. You must be really good friends with the owner.”
“No. I was here once and told him, ‘my son drank your coffee and drew this.’ So he put it up.”
“You let your four year old drink coffee?”
At this point there was another customer that popped up in line behind me, and not wanting to seem like a bad parent said, “Nah, I was just kidding. I know the owner.” Smiled, and left.
But I am so proud of you, Rafael! Your drawing is in a really great coffee shop! And it is the only one of it’s kind! As in, there are no other drawings in the whole place. Good job, boy!
And I don’t know the owner.

The Glass Shop is located on Classon Avenue, between Park Place and Sterling.

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