I’m sure no one will know

There have been some major changes.

The General Manager of my restaurant has left, and a new woman has taken her place. So far, she fired a counter person, cut a kitchen workers hours, and told me to clean up my face.
She’s wild!
She has new ideas for the menu. She thinks croissants and coffee are a thing of the past. She has this ancient recipe passed down from her Albanian grandparents… Tarator. I heard her speaking to one of the kitchen staff, “This is favorite of my country—chilled yogurt with mint cucumber soup.”
Frankly, I’m a little concerned as we are a Belgium bakery and enjoy pain au chocolates, and french rolls. On my break she yelled at me, “Coffee is a thing of the past. Stuffed grape leaves? That is for eternal.”
I assume she meant “eternity.” I don’t see the connection between the two items, but I was in no place to have an argument as I had just come out of the food walk-in, having just eaten a fistful of raspberries.
I thanked her for her comment and asked if she needed me to carry anything upstairs for her.
“Carry me up the aisle.”
“I don’t think you understand.”
“I need to stay in this country.”
“Ah, you do understand.”
“So, it’s ‘yes?'”
“No. I’m sure your country is very nice.”
“Yes, but I want to remain here. If you give me papers, I give you schedule with Sundays off.”
“But you will spend them with me.”
“But I will cook you Tarator.”
“That’s still ‘oh.'”

We’ll see how the integration process continues.

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