I’m sure no one will know

There have been some major changes.

The General Manager of my restaurant has left, and a new woman has taken her place. So far, she fired a counter person, cut a kitchen workers hours, and told me to clean up my face.
She’s wild!
She has new ideas for the menu. She thinks croissants and coffee are a thing of the past. She has this ancient recipe passed down from her Albanian grandparents… Tarator. I heard her speaking to one of the kitchen staff, “This is favorite of my country—chilled yogurt with mint cucumber soup.”
Frankly, I’m a little concerned Continue reading I’m sure no one will know

Hurricane Irene!!! (What a gyp)

So now it’s a category one hurricane.
What a joke.
What a state of emergency.
Though there was certainly a bit of tension at the local Key Foods. Also, the lines were halfway out the door. I’ve never seen the place so busy.
There were these really groovy dressed people near the bottled water section. As I walked by I heard them say “People are freaked out by anything.” She had on these red glasses and yellow Continue reading Hurricane Irene!!! (What a gyp)

Royal Shakespeare Company: Romeo & Juliet


The set is incredible. It’s gothic, Spanish. There were african dances. In fact, Juliet is introduced in this really impressive african dance. She can move, and make no mistake she can act. The girl has got talent. She was one of the best performers on stage. Mercutio was very good as well, and sorry that I’m jumping around, but did it bother anybody else that everyone had Scottish accents? I like the Scottish accent fine, but I guess living in New York you don’t hear it that much, so if Tybalt has it, then you’re like, “okay, bad guy is Scottish.” But Mercutio Continue reading Royal Shakespeare Company: Romeo & Juliet