The History of Procrastination

We have been discussing Japanese World History and it is incredible how these people have somehow transformed their nation into one of the richest and most influential while remaining on a [comparatively] tiny island.

If I lived on a tiny island I would make sure there was a lot of tourism, but only in certain parts. That way the city could remain untouched by change unless it so desired.

To give you a quick shot of what that might be like is to imagine tourists coming to New York, but only allowed to stay in Times Square.

If people’s only experience of New York was flashing lights, Broadway marquee’s, movies theatre’s, car horns, Applebee’s, Friday’s, Tad’s Steak House ($7.99/a steak) and an ocean of people, chances are they might not come back. Though some would be very happy with New York being just that. In fact, for some people, that is exactly what New York is.

Of course their would also be samurai’s. They would have to surround the district of Times Square to ensure no one got past. Else, you’d have these raving people from Kansas going home…

“I’m telling you! There’s an underground train!”
“Take him out of here!”
“You’ve got to believe me! They’ve got numbers and letters!”

Hey, what do you do to procrastinate?

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