(Mark Rylance) Please accept my invitation

This letter is about a month in the making. I was sure I was going to write it then I thought better, and said ‘nah, you probably get thousands.’ Then I thought better again and decided ‘yeah, but you won’t get thousands like this, cause there’s only one of me, I’m an individual,’ and la da deeā€”here I am writing to Mark Rylance.

I had nowhere Continue reading (Mark Rylance) Please accept my invitation


Marcus Aurelius was sitting in a horse carriage when he had an ingenious idea.

“Is it something that you feel?”

His Lieutenant looked down and out the window no longer wanting to make eye contact, but Marcus was unperturbed. The movement of the horse carriage lulled them along. The battle scars fresh on their faces, fatigue setting into the shallows of their bones; Marcus looked Continue reading Beach

Sauna vs Steam Room

The similarities between a sauna and a steam room can be reasonably understood as the difference between swimming in the ocean and walking to the beach.

A sauna is more quiet. More like a log cabin; more like a very hot log cabin where people sit around loosely draped by borrowed towels. There is a community inside a sauna. There is a quiet harmony inside a sauna. And if you’re looking for a place of solitude, well, I’m not so sure that is the best place to go because it’s hard to keep a singular train of thought. Continue reading Sauna vs Steam Room