It’s almost as though you think life is a game. It’s one big fun palace where no one gets hurt, or cries, or dies. I told you to hold on tight and you do that thing where you “act” as though you’re holding on tight, and I repeated, Hold on, boy. This isn’t a game. If you don’t hold on you will get hurt. Hold on. And you tightened your grip and Jared sent you down the hill, soaring past the stand-still moms, soaring past pink-jacket brunette, soaring toward the oh-my-god mogul at the bottom of the lip and PUNK! over! over! over! He holds!!!! The boy holds on!!

Truly remarkable. It’s your lack of fear these days that’s so impressive. As well, your verbal skills are tremendous. Commonly said remarks and/or quotes.

1. “I have an idea. Crackers.”

2. (You don’t eat the broccoli and pork chops we made for dinner.)
“Hey, Rafael. You know where that foods going if you don’t eat it, right?”

3. After going down the hill kinda rough and landing poorly, almost tossing us both of the inter-tube you said “Dad, you have to be more careful.”

4. When you want something you’re pretty sure I won’t give you, you do this thing where you creep up on it. You tip-toe to it, or pretend like it’s just out of your reach, all the while making eye contact with me or whomever it is you are trying to convince to let you have it. It usually works.

5. You did it the other day and Lindsay laughed.
“Are you laughing at me or are you laughing at Daddy?”
“I’m laughing at you.”
“Cause of the way you’re walking.”
“Is it funny when I walk forward, or when I walk backwards?”

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