I’m doing this for you

I’m doing this for you. Yes. Please put away cookie. Drop cookie, drop pretzel. This is for you, and it’s for the future. I don’t know what the future has, but I hope there’s me and I hope there’s you. Upfront. Me, I’m saying. I’m stubborn. Not stupidly stubborn. Heartfelt stubborn. I’m a good listener, but I justify everything (please tell me you’re the same). Oh, and I lie. I’m not Continue reading I’m doing this for you



I need to lose about 20 pounds to look absolutely incredible. Seriously, don’t think it’s easy. If anything, it’s easy to lose fifty pounds, but those last twenty? That’s hard. Gimme a shot!

Sent to the production company of the The Biggest Loser, who’re having auditions this month.


It’s almost as though you think life is a game. It’s one big fun palace where no one gets hurt, or cries, or dies. I told you to hold on tight and you do that thing where you “act” as though you’re holding on tight, and I repeated, Hold on, boy. This isn’t a game. If you don’t hold on you will get hurt. Hold on. And you tightened your grip and Jared sent you down the hill, soaring past the stand-still moms, soaring past pink-jacket brunette, soaring toward the oh-my-god Continue reading Yorkville