In an old book, the day my son was born

PhotobucketPhoto by Lindsay Branson

“That sound I know, familiar in its noise.
Some left, some right, a constant tapping shoe.
The rain, it seems, distracted by the toys;
My window pane and ceilings made of you.”

18 January 2006

It was written on the East side of 25th street at 11:45pm. My son was sleeping at the hospital and I was alone in bed, while my baby’s momma’s mama slept soundly on the fold-out couch.

Quick reference guide…
“That sound” = radiator.
“Some left, some right” = resembled tap dancing.
Distracted rain = there were a lot of new toys.
made of you = self-explanatory (I think).

By the way, he came back today—and hugged me for five minutes without saying a word. (I think he really likes me!)

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