Here is a review of the play I’m in. The production is good. There are four actors in the play.

There is Brian.
Brian is a twirler.
He says he twirls fire.
I think the fact that he twirls says much more [about him] than what he twirls.
Brian is a local actor and has a penchant for comedy. Not that what he says is funny as much as he is consistently telling jokes. He quips, zings, and guffaws his way through topics. The hard topics. The topics that matter—eating fire, his ex-girlfriends ex-nose job, bobbing for apples in vodka, drunk parking (which is as bad as drunk driving), diving push ups, Bad Religion, and Pirates and radios. He also happens to be one of the most hospitable people I’ve been lucky enough to encounter and has an exquisite array of old camera’s and some great photos to match. He plays my business partner who teams up with my wife in an attempt to murder me. He succeeds and is a great guy. Different. Certainly has his own beat, that he walks, or struts to.

There is Jackie.
Jackie drives.
Jackie listens to the radio.
Jackie could listen to that Eminem song where the lyrics are something like “tie you to the bed and set this house on fire,” about fifty times and still seem as fresh as ever when it comes on yet again. Thanks to her I know songs like”G6″ and some other song where she says “too school for cool” which pretty much sums up the awesome factor in all these hits. Jackie also gets tickets. Jackie has a fascinating relationship with her mother, who has come to see the show twice and has not looked me in the eye or shaken my hand which upsets me in some small way. It’s not that she owes me anything I just can’t understand how anyone’s mom would come to a show and not want to meet one of the actor’s she’s been working with for the last four weeks. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I have an ego. She plays my wife and manages to kill me. After killing me, I then try to kill her (it’s confusing I know).

There is Aly.
Aly is a dancer, actor, singer, eater of tuna or, Ritz crackers depending on if she’s hung-over.
Aly also crochets—hats, sweaters, gloves, scarfs, and leg warmers.
Aly and I connected on the first moment, something in the eyes, something that said “hey, it’s 6am, we’re in Roosevelt Island, and we’re actors in NYC about to head up to Sugarloaf NY to be in a play that’s hard to understand, in a town that’s even harder to find with a GPS” in short—we’re peas in a pod. She crochets all the time, or reads. She has a great voice and is constantly entertaining the car with her stories of auditions. I thought I had just about got sick of hearing another actor telling [yet] another audition story, but hers are good, or I like her so it doesn’t bother me.

Thanks to whomever puts me near such incredible people.

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