Day #3

The car is making me sick. I don’t know if it’s the driving or being in the backseat, but I don’t like being in a car anymore. It could be the routine of driving to one place then coming back and knowing there is nothing significant on route. No changes, no spontaneity—we leave, we get there, we come back. Something about it makes me sick.

Those white slabs of wood I saw by at least seventy seats in the audience turned out to be tables. Yes, I’m doing dinner theatre. This is a first for me and that is not a boast.


Here is a review of the play I’m in. The production is good. There are four actors in the play.

There is Brian.
Brian is a twirler.
He says he twirls fire.
I think the fact that he twirls says much more [about him] than what he twirls.
Brian is a local actor and has a penchant for comedy. Not that what he says is funny as much as he is consistently telling jokes. He quips, zings, and guffaws his way through topics. The hard topics. The topics that matter—eating fire, his ex-girlfriends ex-nose job, bobbing for apples in vodka, drunk parking (which is as bad as drunk driving), diving push ups, Continue reading Accomplice