Before I forget

I’ll tell you when you’ve taken it too far.

You know how it works. You pay for something. I pay for something. Exchange, harmony, the person who paid first is happy to be at your mercy; the person who pays second is happy to reciprocate. This is normal. But when I’m trying to leave five dollars for cab-fare and I am standing at the foot of the door putting my hand in my pocket and you’re kicking me? You’re kicking me out of the cab when I’m already out of the cab. Continue reading Before I forget


I’m doing this for a Jewish outreach program. It’s a song called “I Wish I Had Some Money.” I play an Israeli cousin with a happy tone, and a know-it-all heart. The people working behind the scenes have been fantastic; thanks to all involved! I also sang in this song. It’s sort of like the Finale in Les Miserables. Enjoy.

The Business

There is something sad about auditioning for Equity productions.

The audition today was for a decent role, in a more than decent theatre company. This more than decent theatre company decided to give their “Literary Associate” the task of holding auditions. If I were a director I would be at the auditions. If I was a director who already knew whom I was hiring to play so and so role, in so and so production—but by Equity rules—was forced to hold auditions, I would not be at said audition.

It’s strange. For Continue reading The Business

Shock & Awe

Yeah, your teachers told me today that you’re a terror. No, they didn’t use that word, but when I went in that morning to ask them to keep an eye on you when you play with Michael (because of the little red marks, black and blue marks, and scabs on your arm), they told me it wasn’t Michael. It seems you are the one who pushes, hits, grabs, and bullies the other children.

The night before I asked how you got Continue reading Shock & Awe