The rabbit will come

Apparently, there is a rabbit that sneaks into my sons’ room. He lives under the mattress and comes up when he thinks everyone has fallen asleep. The rabbit rises out from under the mattress and sneaks into his mothers room, leaps onto the bed and scares her.
Why does he do that?
He scarying her.
Because the rabbit will come.
Yes, but why is he scaring everyone.
Because, oh! Because he has friends.
They all live under the bed?
Yes. They live all together. But I will get the rabbit. I will protect for her.
You’re going to protect your mom?
Against the rabbit and his friends?
Yes. What’s a rabbit?
You know what a rabbit is.
No, I don’t.
It’s a four legged creature, that hops around and lives outside.
Why does it do that?
Hops around?
It hops to get around. It can get around very fast that way in the dark.
What’s dark?
The absence of light.
What’s absence.
I don’t know.
How come?
Absence is, when something is not there. The sun is absent so it’s dark.
Where did the sun go?
It comes up every morning and goes down every night.
Why does it do that?
To keep things interesting.
What is interesting?

I don’t know where he gets this from, and at what point do I get alarmed? I hate rabbits and their pink sneaky eyes. Rabbits spread pink-eye, you know.

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