This is a message to let you know that I am working at a place called Parkbar. It is located in Union Square, and I will be behind the bar on Saturday’s from 4-9pm, and Monday from 3-9pm. Join me—or just pop your head in and say hello.
I realize Union Square is a major hub, and some of us don’t know each other that well to actually make plans, so I figured letting you know how close I am in relation to where you may be—you’d stop by!
Some of you I know from Improv, from Israel, from Pastis, or Craftbar, from the UCB, or summer camp, from Ecuador, even Canada.
And hey, we don’t have to catch up the whole time. Bring a newspaper, a friend, an ex-friend. Or just meet people through me—use me as a social networking service. Or, bring some crayons and drink and draw. Learn your lines. Find out what you did wrong (or right) in the last Harold you performed.
The place is beautiful, but don’t take my word for it—hear what some people are saying about Parkbar…

“Laid-back, non-attitudinal, friendly even.”
“They pour well-mixed drinks in an elegant but not uptight atmosphere.”
“Loved the high ceilings!”
“I like Elan!”

There are large windows which can be opened, so it feels like you’re outside and inside at the same time.
I’m going to charge you. Seriously. Just want to clear the air. I’m going to charge you the going rate whatever that may be.
It would be very nice to see some of you. Others, it will just be awkward, but hey, it’s a big bar and there will be plenty of space for us to avoid one another.
Come by.

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