Rafael: ongoing

Additions, to list of the things you do that you will most probably ask me about at some point and I will probably forget at some point. I remember asking my Mom, what was I like when I was a kid, and she remembered a couple things here and there but nothing as detailed as I would have wanted. So in case you are as detailed as me….

-You say “what happened” all the time. You use it as a substitute for “what” “why” and “how.”
“Okay Raf, we’re turning off the movie get ready for bed.”
“What happened?”

-You called a chocolate bar a chocolate stick.

-I put you in timeout the other day at the playground because you ran away from me while I gathered our backpacks and shoes, and I couldn’t find you for three minutes. It was agonizing, and I made you feel it cause now before you run away from me you say, “Dad, I’m going to go to the swings now.”

-A woman on the subway walked by you and said, he’s so cute. I said thank you. Then she stopped and somewhat dramatically admitted, “it makes me wanna have another.” When she left you said, “What did that lady say?” and I told you, she thought you were so cute you made her want to have a baby in hopes it will be just like you. But at that point the train came into the station and you were squeezing the back of my legs in maniacal glee.


-On the bed yesterday was a life-size Elmo. I told you to go to sleep and you said, “I don’t want to cause I don’t want to.” (Firstly, there’s some sort of philosophy you’ve developed where you think because you want something you get it, and because you don’t want something you don’t. Which I believe comes from when you couldn’t ask for what you want and simply cried as a way of objecting. I might’ve said “Just tell me what you want. That’s all you have to do.” Only, that was then. We’ve made progress. You can speak and now there’s a new set of rules.) And I said don’t cry to me about it. Tell Elmo. And you looked at Elmo and said, “Elmo?” and then changed your voice and said, “Yes, Rafael.”

-I showed you a bit of this film I was in and a section came out where the camera goes inside the human body to show a burst of adrenaline (which looked small and circular) through the bloodstream, and when you saw it you said, “Cheerios.”

-When we’re in the playground and you want to play with someone else’s truck, bike, scooter, car, ball, you turn to me and say, “can I play with that?” And I say, “ask him.” You ask him, and he says “no” and you say “what happened” and I say “tell him what a nice toy he has.” and you say “what a nice toy you have.” then you wait for him to give it to you and when he doesn’t you look back at me “what happened?” Basically, I tell you to compliment him, on his shoes, his shirt, his toy. Cozy up to him, finally saying “hey, can I play with your toy with you?” This has worked to varying degrees of success. The worst of it being when you wanted this boys truck and he said “no” and I told you to pick up someone’s lost shovel, which you did, and say “this is a great shovel! Want to switch toys with me?” and when he said “no,” you hit him with the shovel. (You apologized later and no permanent harm was done to the boy. Except for the fact that he’s still selfish.)

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  1. Gruene Hall is 10 miles from my house. Please tell me you didn’t come here and I didn’t know about it. If you came here, please come back. Bring the fam. Stay a while.

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