This is a message to let you know that I am working at a place called Parkbar. It is located in Union Square, and I will be behind the bar on Saturday’s from 4-9pm, and Monday from 3-9pm. Join me—or just pop your head in and say hello.
I realize Union Square is a major hub, and some of us don’t know each other that well to actually make plans, so I figured letting you know how close I am in relation to where you may be—you’d stop by!
Some of you I know from Improv, from Israel, from Pastis, or Continue reading ParkBar

Rafael: ongoing

Additions, to list of the things you do that you will most probably ask me about at some point and I will probably forget at some point. I remember asking my Mom, what was I like when I was a kid, and she remembered a couple things here and there but nothing as detailed as I would have wanted. So in case you are as detailed as me….

-You say “what happened” all the time. You use it as a substitute for “what” “why” and “how.”
“Okay Raf, we’re turning off the movie get ready for bed.”
“What happened?”

-You called a chocolate bar a chocolate stick.

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