They forgot to mention

The thirty dollars each to get to the beach. Plus, five dollar entrance fee. So my girl and I wound up paying a grand total of seventy dollars to get to the f*cking beach. The train was pleasant. Beaches were nice: soft sand, families. Everyone seems big. No? Yeah. Fatter, except, happier. We played volleyball for about twenty minutes. Shout out to my team! As a whole though. I gotta say, it’s imperative we pass more. The game is just like that. The less we start trying to hit it over in one shot, the better. It’s not tennis. Young man wearing a “10” or “13” on your shirt. You have skills. It’s clear you have a greater intelligence for the game than most of us out there. Keep going! And boy that followed me into the water: know where your conversations are leading…

You done playing volleyball?
Yeah, gonna wash this sand off me.
Was that your girlfriend?
Yeah, what do you think?
Oh, no. I was just asking if she was your girlfriend.
Yes, she is. But she plays well, right?
I think it’s important to date people who are good in sports.
I like my girlfriends to be talented. Not world class players. But at least a little better than me.

What was going on in your eleven year old mind? Why did you ask if she was my girlfriend? Spill the beans, bitch!

One thought on “They forgot to mention”

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