Would you cast this person in your reality TV show?

IMG_1163What makes you think you’re up for the challenge of surviving alone in the wilderness?

I feel like I’m up to the challenge because I’m fit. I box. I eat well. I just finished hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu and stood at an altitude over 16,000ft. As well, I like the ladies. I always have time for the ladies. Seriously. Unless I’ve got to get to the top first. Then I don’t have time. I can’t make time if I’m going to lose time. Unless we’re a team. I will help someone who is down. On the Inca trail, one of our guides took a bad step and his water bottle popped out and began descending down the edge of a mountain and I dove and grabbed it. I saved the life of his water bottle. He thanked me the whole time, but I only did what was right. I’m a hero.

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