Build it. Seriously. Build it here. Build it on Park Place. Raise the structures two blocks from the site of the old twin towers.

It stands for tolerance, and an undying desire to communicate. Honestly.

For those that lost children, husbands, brothers, wives, nieces, nephews, uncles, fathers, mothers, friends, neighbors—I love, respect, and admire your strength. It makes me strong. I could not imagine losing my son. I would probably kill myself, or spend the rest of my life thinking of reasons why I shouldn’t.

The Mosque being built did not kill your loved ones. The multi-ethnic compound does not laugh in the face of your memory. It honors it. It says the radical Islamists, that ran two planes into the world trade, do not represent the rest of us. They do not speak for us. And we want to show, right here, in the place where ten years ago is the present—we won’t stand for it either.

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