Blood Vermington

This is something I wrote back on February 3rd 2005.

“Well, Blood Vermington. Seems you’ve botched up another, haven’t you? The Slovaks are crawling down my neck. The Hungarians, breathing down my back. And the Poles would like to know why two of their best operatives were found glued to the Trinity Bell in Town Square, naked. Now I will not swallow the tarny for you this time. The King and Queen want answers and they want them yesterday. This is on your head, Blood! You were to explain the mysterious disappearance of the admirals 4th century trojan helmet, as well as determine the cause of the two red marks on the guards inner thighs. Instead! We’re looking at possible World War III.”
“They were no red marks.”
“Now, listen Blood-“

That’s all I have. Blood would have cut him off again to explain the real circumstances surrounding the case. I like how Blood stays calm in the face of possible annihilation. He’s a mix between Bond and Holmes. Old school sensibilities with new a school boldness.

I also don’t think “tarny” is a word.

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